A Talent Solutions Service for MSP

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers our clients full visibility and control of their contingent workforce. This includes temporary workers, contractors, consultants and resources engaged under a statement of work.
At Launch, we assist our client’s businesses to improve the way they procure the talent they require, saving them time and money, whilst increasing the quality of hires.

Benefits of our MSP Solution

Our MSP solution delivers clients benefits including:

  • Managing the entire contingent talent life cycle from requisition through invoicing and payment
  • Integrating into your company’s talent requisition and/or HR process(es),
  • Managing and monitoring performance of all contingent talent recruitment agency providers
  • Conducting talent analytics to drive improved decision-making around contingent resourcing.
  • Rigorously designed and consistent process efficiencies & scalability
  • Delivering a customised vendor management system (VMS)
  • Providing complete visibility into the status of each contingent worker & related spend
  • Ensuring a fully compliant and governance operating framework and related practices